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Diamond mining operation in Alexander Bay, South Africa

Kazera Global owns a 60% interest in the Deep Blue Minerals diamond mining operation within the Alexkor diamond fields in Alexander Bay, South Africa. Tectonic Gold (TTAU) holds a residual 10% interest and 30% is held by Black Economic Empowerment Partners as required by South African law.

The operation is located within the 80km long Alexkor diamond fields, which lies between two historic De Beers operations. The area has been mined for diamonds since 1928 and more than 10 million carats of gem quality diamonds have been recovered over the last ninety years or so. It is estimated that there are at least another 2 million carats left in the tenement.

In 2020 a Feasibility Study was prepared on Cliffs, one of the blocks allocated to Deep Blue, which resulted in an ascribed inferred resource of 208 000 carats at a bottom cut-off aperture size of 1.6 mm at a grade of 6.0 ct/100m2 for the Cliffs mine area. The Company’s current focus is on deposits closer to the beach where diamonds tend to be of better quality and the amount of overburden is considerably less.

Mining is undertaken under contract from Alexkor, a government owned entity, who have the rights to all the diamonds in the area. In 2020, Deep Blue had a sub contract to mine diamonds, but absolutely no equipment. Since then, the company has acquired its own mining contract as well as all the equipment required to successfully mine and process diamond gravel. Part of the deal with Alexkor was that Alexkor would process the diamond gravels, but their plant at Muisvlak has worked intermittently or not at all, which has meant that contractors have been mining gravel with no way to process it, and accordingly no way to produce diamonds for sale. Many contractors have been forced out of existence. In 2022, Deep Blue agreed with Alexkor, that it would step in and get the plant back into operation, which it did. Unfortunately, Alexkor had imposed a structure on Deep Blue which simply did not work, so Deep Blue withdrew from the plant, which once again immediately ceased operation. The company then experimented with a borrowed pan plant, which proved inefficient when dealing with diamonds contained in Heavy Mineral Sands. Currently, gravels are having the sand removed from them at at Muisvlak, with  diamond extraction taking place at the Final Recovery Plant at Alexander Bay.

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Kazera is an investing company, focused principally, but not exclusively, in the resources and energy sectors. The Company is listed on London’s AIM market (ticker: KZG).

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