Kazera Global plc seeks to achieve shareholder return primarily via capital appreciation through the purchase and sale of securities and other direct investments in companies and projects primarily in, but not limited to, Africa within the mining and resource sectors (the “Target Sectors”) including traditional direct investments in securities and similar financial instruments including any combination of the following:

(a)          equity securities (predominantly unlisted);

(b)          listed and unlisted debt securities that may be rated or not rated (bonds, debt instruments, convertible bonds and bonds with warrants, fund-linked notes with a capital guarantee, loan facilities etc.); and

(c)          hybrid instruments.

The Company may exploit a wide range of investment opportunities within the Target Sectors as they arise and, to this end, the Company has complete flexibility in selecting the specific investment and trading strategies that it sees fit in order to achieve its investment objective. In this regard, the Company may seek to gain Board representation and/or managerial control in its underlying investments if it deems to be the best way of generating value for Shareholders.

Opportunities will be chosen through a careful selection process which will appraise both the fundamental factors specific to the opportunity as well as wider economic considerations. Typical factors that will be considered are the strength of management, the quality of the asset base, the investment’s scale and growth potential, the commodity price outlook, any geopolitical concerns, the underlying financial position, future working capital requirements as well as potential exit routes. Investments may be in the form of buy-outs, controlling positions (whether initially or as a result of additional or follow-on investments) or strategic minority investments.

There is no fixed limit on the number of projects or companies into which the Company may invest, nor the proportion of the Company’s gross assets that any investment may represent at any time.

No material change will be made to the Company’s investing policy without the approval of Shareholders.