Kazera owns a 64% interest in in Deep Blue Minerals which has a diamond mining subcontract in the established diamond mining fields on the West Coast area of South Africa. It is expected to be producing profits from diamonds before the end of 2020. It is also in the process of acquiring a 64% interest in Whale Head Minerals which is in the process of applying for a Mining Permit over a potential Heavy Mineral Sands resource.

The Company, with its joint venture partners have identified a clear pathway to restarting production via a $600,000 work program. Once in production, diamond gravels will be identified by multi mesh separation before being directed to the Alexkor recovery plant for refining. The Company anticipates that through this method, it will produce around 300-500 ct/month creating revenue for the Company which can be injected into developing the Heavy Mineral Sands potential.


The Heavy Mineral Sands work programme will aim to produce over 6,000 tpm, achieving an estimated gross revenue of US$600,000/month.